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Companies Vs Climate Change

We know you support green and sustainable events regularly. What’s different about Companies vs. Climate Change (CvCC)?

In a word: everything. Are you planning on being in a room full of regulators and academics? Well, then you’re probably not planning on going to CvCC.

CvCC is building a community around the idea that uniting businesses, in unison with governments, is the key to effecting change. Our community affords you with an opportunity to learn from and work together with those companies that have the sincere intention of driving global action as we face the emergency that is climate change – together.

Government agencies and educators have invaluable wisdom to share in our fight against global disaster – but we believe that the business world possesses the scale, resources, capacity, and genuine interest in helping to address this crisis.

So why is CvCC different? Because our stripped-down, red-tape-free, straightforward community of change drivers isn’t planning on sitting around pointing fingers or patting backs – it’s ready to act. To build. To unite. To influence….To bring about climate CHANGE!

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