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September 9th Weekly Update

Hi Friend,

In honor of the American labor movement, we took a break from issuing a weekly update last week. As our profession continues to be shaped by a multitude of drivers, it’s hard to pick just one to focus on. However, growing investor pressure continues to be top of mind for many in our network, particularly our clients who are eager to get reporting right! Therefore, ESG through the investor lens is in the spotlight for this week of September 9th.

Taking into account investor interests, you may want to consider...

Understanding current investor perspectives

  • A special report published by Nasdaq in IR Magazine recently summarizes an analysis conducted to test the perspectives of corporate professionals and investors on ESG issues, particularly with regard to the issues that matter most, strength of communications, and the overall value of ESG disclosure. This document could help further engage investor relations and financial teams internally in driving value for sustainability efforts.

  • Morningstar issues an annual Sustainable Funds U.S. Landscape Report, which includes trends, takeaways, and recommendations for betting on your values.

  • Though a bit outdated now, Bank of America’s High Net Worth Millennials Report continues to provide a solid reference point to the power of this huge population’s values-based approach to consumption, employment, and investing.

  • A recent survey of institutional investors coordinated by Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN) and SimpleLogic, “ESG Risks and Opportunities: Understanding the ESG Landscape” proves the move to build awareness and close the gap between investors and the sustainability universe that we operate within.

Considering how others are framing their reports specifically for investor attention

Soliciting guidance

Accelerating internal capacity to drive change

  • The Conception Forum, designed in conjunction with SVT Group, targets businesses that are ready to put their ability to recruit talent and innovate into overdrive. The secret (shhh!!) is embracing the sexiness of purpose. We're recruiting our first cohort of executives and managers ready to "fall in love with your business again" for the beta test version (at a huge discount!). To learn more, please visit The Conception Forum website or take a few minutes to watch our TCF Video.

Attending one of our upcoming trainings

  • Our next Certified GRI Standards Training will be held in Washington, D.C., on September 26-27. If you haven't already completed the course, please consider joining us in our nation's capital.

  • We just confirmed November 8-9 in New York at Fordham University! Registration for the 2-day GRI Standards Training is open.

  • We’re going online and are polling advance interest for those who would like to participate in CDP or GRI modules! Write us at to express your interest.

Contributing to the discussion

  • Our very own Eric Israel will be speaking to “How Integrating Sustainability into Risk Operations” at the next Skytop Strategies Sustainability & Risk Conference in Arlington, Virginia - October 24th. Let us know if you’d like to be added to the guest list!

  • ISOS Specialist and Trainer, Gwen White, will be sharing insights on ESG data management as she joins other practitioners on a panel at the Sustainable Brands New Metrics Conference in Philadelphia November 18-20.

  • The recording of last week’s Sustainable Brands webinar on ESG communications, in which we joined our friends at thinkParallax, is available. Let us know your thoughts.

Applying to help a company from within

  • Amazon seeks a Sustainability Project Manager in Arlington, Virginia, to develop and implement innovative sustainability initiatives to support its infrastructure operations, collaborating with teams across the company, while also measuring the impact of existing and future sustainability programs and communicate to AWS leadership.

  • JLL is looking for someone to fill the position of Global Energy and Sustainability Manager to drive the program, set performance measures, and coordinate key stakeholders toward implementation of the corporate strategy.

If there is anything else you feel would help you along in your journey, please don't hesitate to send your thoughts to us!

To a brighter future,
Team ISOS Group

P.S. Want to know what book our team suggests this week? Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert