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August 19th Weekly Update

Hi Friend,

We’ve had several people ask us over the last few weeks about sustainability as a profession, what it entails, how to become more marketable and what level of compensation might be expected. As you return from your summer adventures and begin to think about improving your sustainability practice, we’d like to share a few pieces of information that might influence your path forward for this week of August 19th.

You may want to consider...

Reflecting on what the role of sustainability champion really entails

  • Albeit slightly outdated, this piece in Environmental Science explains “What a Director of Sustainability/Chief Sustainability Officer Does”, where he/she works, salary and education. What we find to be incredibly helpful is the job description that can be tweaked for use within your organization.

  • If you’re looking for savvy language justifying your role, Greenbiz’ State of Green Business 2019 Report eloquently states, “There will always be a leadership role for a centralized sustainability executive overseeing an ever-changing landscape of environmental and social challenges and opportunities.” As the #1 trend listed, “The Profession of Corporate Sustainability Gets Specific,” this role continues “to expand as the profession evolves from its tactical origins of reporting and stakeholder engagement to that of business strategy, change management and on-the-ground execution.”

  • If ever you feel like the lone wolf in the organization, fret no more! Our team is always available to lend a hand or offer a shoulder to lean on. Our technical guidance and coaching services provide focused feedback and personalized support to help you excel in your role. Ping us if you ever get that feeling or simply want to strengthen efforts!

Adequate compensation for your role

  • Glassdoor provides some great examples for salary ranges based on experience, skills and level of leadership.

Revisiting what sustainability means for you and your organization

  • The CSR Definitive Guide breaks everything down in very basic terms, while highlighting what companies have done to “put their money where their mouths are.” This overview could provide some inspiration for what’s possible.

  • “What is Corporate Social Responsibility” recently published in Business News Daily features perspectives from some of our friends in the business, such as Katie Schmidt, Cone Communications and Symantec. It’s worth the quick read to gauge your compass.

  • On August 19th, 181 of America’s leading CEOs committed to a new purpose of a corporation stating, “While each of our individual companies serves its own corporate purpose, we share a fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders.”

Providing feedback to reporting platforms

  • CDP is soliciting feedback on proposed developments to its three of its questionnaires and within key sectors, such as real estate and construction. Input submitted through August 23rd will be considered in developing CDP’s approach and in finalizing the questionnaires for the 2020 disclosure cycle.

Joining one of our upcoming learning opportunities

  • Our next GRI Standards Training will be held in Washington, D.C., on September 26-27. If you haven't already completed the course, please consider joining us in our nation's capital.

  • Fall dates for training sessions in San Francisco and New York are in the works. However, if you are interested in a private training, please let us know!

Continuing your academic journey

  • Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability, for which our CEO, Nancy, teaches Global Context, offers graduate degrees and programs, which are collaborative and integrate a transdisciplinary approach.

  • China-UK Clean Carbon College has introduced a world-class program consisting of two full-time master’s degrees: Low Carbon Environment and Low Carbon Energy. Classes are split between the University of Edinburgh and Shanghai Jao Tong University, which is just outside Shanghai in a jaw-dropping green business zone.

  • Presidio Graduate School, recognized as a leader in this space and long-time friend, continues to prepare some of the industry’s best sustainability champions through its flexible, yet challenging, model.

  • The UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy offers a master’s track in environmental policy and sustainability with an underlying focus on economics and statistics. Learn from professors who have informed policy decisions at the national level.

Applying to help companies from within

  • SDG&E seeks a Senior Environmental Specialist to provide high-level environmental guidance to internal clients, peers, management and project teams, while also conducting and overseeing complex analysis of the potential effects of existing and proposed company operations on the environment.

  • Snooze: an A.M. Eatery is interviewing ideal candidates to fill the position of Director of Sustainability in Denver to help position the company as a leader in the restaurant industry within the sustainability space and to enable its mission to respect the Mothership, the restaurants and the community.

If there is anything else you feel would help you along in your journey, please don't hesitate to send your thoughts to us!

To a brighter future,
Team ISOS Group