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July 29th Weekly Update

Hi Friend,

We’re hoping that you’ve been enjoying our weekly updates. While the previous ones focused on industry developments, this week’s communication is aimed at bringing you up to speed with our own organizational developments.

For this week of July 29th, we’re excited to notify you of ...

Our recent organizational changes

  • We joined forces with JF Pontzer, LLC, a longtime ISOS Group partner in delivering sustainability reporting services and training. JFP’s founder, Jennifer Pontzer, not only brings expertise in reporting, performance measurement and strategic management but also an impressive track record in organizational excellence. Her focus on people, projects and processes will help improve the company as well as deliver added value to our clients. Jennifer is now managing director and chief operating officer.

  • We also expanded our leadership team to help steer and support the company’s future development. Brian Noveck, who has been a valued associate since January 2018, was promoted to managing director and chief financial officer. Prior to joining ISOS Group, Brian spent several years working in global supply chain management while in Asia, specifically China, Vietnam, Korea and Hong Kong. This rich experience informs his work helping our clients better understand and manage social and environmental impacts across the value chain and on key stakeholders.

  • We established the company as ISOS Group, Inc., a California Benefit corporation. The organizational changes above prompted us to move to the legal structure that best reflects and protects our commitment to positive social and environmental impact, accountability and transparency.

You can anticipate more exciting developments to come down the pipeline!

Our clients’ achievements

Stay tuned for more of our clients’ achievements as they continue to roll out ESG disclosures and sustainability reports!

Internship spotlight

  • Hannah Fry completed a summer internship at our Albuquerque office as part of Arizona State University’s Next Generation Service Corps. Hannah described her internship experience at ISOS Group as “a fantastic way for [her] to see how a private sector business can value social responsibility and be a force for positive change.” Her favorite GRI topic? Biodiversity. All of us at ISOS Group wish this bright change maker all the best in the coming school year and beyond!

Our upcoming learning opportunities

  • The IIRC Approved Integrated Reporting Trainingwill be delivered in Nairobi, Kenya, in August in collaboration with IIRC Partner, Enact Sustainable Strategies. Help spread the word throughout your network and with supply chain partners!

  • Get ready for next year’s reporting cycle by joining us in our nation’s capital. Our next GRI Standards Training will be held in Washington, D.C., on September 26-27.

  • GRI Standards trainings will be scheduled in San Francisco and New York City this fall. More details to come in the next few weeks!

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our hosting opportunities, please let us know!

Some of our collaborations

  • As a Measurabl Marketplace and Data Partner, we are starting to see the true power of this kind of collaboration. When coupling strategic sustainability services provided by ISOS Group with investor-grade data automated by the Measurabl system, clients get the best of both worlds in an efficient and accessible package. If you haven’t already looked into what we can provide collectively, we urge you to get in touch before the next reporting season kicks off!

We’re excited about these developments, which we feel will better position ISOS Group to continue to deliver innovative services, training and tools that help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

To a brighter future,
Team ISOS Group

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