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April 2019 Newsletter

 Originally posted April 29, 2019

Nancy on a diplomacy trip in Cuba

Nancy on a diplomacy trip in Cuba

GRI Standards training at UCSD

GRI Standards training at UCSD

Much like Apple gearing up to introduce a new product, we get excited about advancing the non-financial reporting space through innovative services and tools.

After celebrating our tenth year in business, we were determined to shake things up a bit by changing our organizational structure. We’re doing away with the LLC and leading into the next decade as a Benefit Corporation fully licensed in the State of California. New partners, along with a new look and voice that is in line with the spirit our network has learned to love are just a few things that we’ve started to institute.

We’re also moving beyond boundaries - meaning, we’re encouraging much more trans-border collaboration and getting out into the world to learn from other sustainability professionals. Through a recent citizen diplomacy trip to Cuba, special initiatives cross the border in Mexico, assisting partners in Kenya and Nigeria, and in planning for a trip to China in June, we’re collecting stories which we intend to share with the marketplace.

We held our first Integrated Reporting Training in New York and are already contemplating how to bring this, along with other trainings online.

As we continue to evolve, stay in touch and feel free to share your ideas with us!

To a brighter future,

- ISOS Group


Our Founder, Nancy Mancilla was asked to share insights about the sustainability reporting space with former training participant, Josh Prigge on his Sustainable Nation Podcast.

Nancy's Final Five Question Responses:

1) What is one piece of advice you would give other sustainability professionals that might help them in their careers?

Schedule out your own personal sustainability because it could be an easy burnout field. That's probably my first and foremost recommendation.

2) What are you most excited about right now in the world of sustainability?

I'm excited to see the light bulb go off in the CEO's heads. We're seeing that frequently and across our client base now. That's exciting because when that happens, we know that we've done our job well and we know that the market's moving in the right direction. We know that humanity is moving in the right direction.

See the remaining questions and listen to the podcast at Sustainable Nation.


May 1 - In collaboration with SVT Group, we're setting the stage for companies ready to accelerate change. Over the next month, we'll lead a few informational sessions. If you're eager to hear more and to envision ways in which you can participate, register for the May 1st Webinar at 11am (Pacific)/2pm (Eastern) here!

May 22-24 - If you're in the San Francisco area, join us at TRANSFORM: Climate, Communities, Capital. Gathering is the centerpiece of an always-on convening that includes labs, working groups, and editorial content. Transforming climate, communities, and capital to create a safer, regenerative, more just world is the context for a deep focus on HOW to accelerate these changes. Transformation requires a fundamentally different mindset and gameplan than sustainability. TRANSFORM equips systems entrepreneurs to move faster, with more confidence. Friends of ISOS receive a discount. Just tell them we sent you!

June - GRI and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are currently seeking US-based companies to discuss how the private sector can take a holistic approach to health of employees, families, and communities and use the GRI standards to report on their work. Notify Alyson Genovese as soon as possible if you're interested. The Taskforce will get started with this very important work June 20th!


Tesla's Inaugural Impact Report:

In April, Tesla published its inaugural Impact Report. This is the first glimpse into the organization's baseline emissions and a peek into what topics the organization aims to prioritize. Leaving some readers left wanting more, Tesla sums it up best, "As we grow and prove to the world that a business rooted in sustainability can also be successful, we will continue to improve our processes and report on our progress in future Impact Reports."

Amazon's Sustainability Homepage:

Each organization must choose how to best pursue its sustainability reporting journey. Amazon's approach leverages its website to share success stories, but appears to leave a disconnect between organizational sustainability priorities and its actions. In early April, thousands of employees shared their discontent with company practices, particularly with respect to climate change.


How Board Members Really Feel About ESG, From Deniers to True Believers: This piece published April 19th in the Harvard Business Review explores the gap between those literally on board with ESG measures and those who are not quite there, while describing character types that we can all relate to.

The Climate Change Performance Index: The index that ranks countries on 14 indicators within for larger categories (i.e., GHG Emissions, Renewable Energy and Energy Use, and Climate Policy) recently published results; Sweden leads the ranking, followed by Morocco and Lithuania. The bottom five in this year’s CCPI are Saudi Arabia, the United States, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Korea and Chinese Taipei, scoring low or very low across almost all categories.

How Climate Change Can Trigger The Next Financial Crisis: Climate-related financial risks are no longer a question necessary for completing a CDP response. Markets have come to a point where “climate change is becoming increasingly relevant for monetary policy,” says Glenn Rudebusch, senior policy adviser and executive vice president at the San Francisco Fed. This write up in MarketWatch delineates recent discourse - and action.

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